New Blog

I’ve moved over to a new blog –  All of my posts have been moved to the new site (with the much shorter address!).

Come find me there!


In limbo…

As I wait until I start work (I still don’t have a start date, but it will be around the beginning of October) and wait to find out if I’m actually an attorney, I have a lot of time to kill. I’m in this strange limbo stage where I just wait. And wait.

To distract myself from the waiting, though, I’ve kept myself quite busy. I’ve been doing a lot of crafting (and considering opening an online etsy store to sell some of those crafts). Most recently, I finished an afghan for my mom:

Star shapped afghan

Now I’m going to start working on my quilting skills by finishing up a quilt I began back in college (only 8 years later…) and by creating some purses and coin purses.

In other news, I attended a beautiful wedding on Whidbey Island for a friend from my theatre life.

Wedding at a farm on Whidbey.

The ceremony and reception were both lovely.


I’ve also spent a few days working on Isaac’s house, which he’s going to rent out since he moved up to Seattle with me. I spent a couple of days removing wall paper from his kitchen, which was hideous. It now looks so much better!

From this:

Lovely apple wallpaper...

to this:

Wallpaper gone, waiting to be painted...

to this!


I picked a darker blue color, but Isaac decided it was too dark, so they went with this light color. It’s definitely an improvement!

I also spent a weekend watching Ike play basketball with his buddies from college, which was great, as always.

He shoots, he scores!

The plan for this week: more crafting and (hopefully) my first (and likely last) camping trip of the year!! Wahoo!

Jax has a home! And a law degree!

Perhaps it is time to return to the blogging world. Of course, this is probably the absolute worst time to return, since I’m supposed to be devoting all of my waking hours to studying for the doom that is the Bar Exam, but oh well. I’m sure my loved ones are tired of my whining, so why not bring the whining to the internet? Sounds reasonable to me!

So, in the past month or so, I’ve gotten a new home (wahoo for no longer being homeless!) and I’ve graduated from law school. Crazy!

I’ll update this soon (when I’m on the other computer, the one with all of the photos from the past couple of months) to include pictures. For now, though, just know that I’m back and I’m going to try to resume the fairly regular blogging. But, be forewarned, the blogging will mostly entail whining for the next 28 days. (Holy cow. Is it really only 28 days?! I better get back to studying. B*rBri is trying to kill me.)